Towards Sustainable Management

of the Mujib River Basin

The project aims to implement Integrated River Basin Management in the Mujib River Basin as a pilot model to be followed for other basins within the kingdom or in the region.

Over the span of 2 years, the project will establish an informal platform for the Mujib River Basin to be transposed into a formal national commission of the Mujib river basin.

The project encompasses three main strategies to achieve its goals: first of which will focus on gathering, updating and compiling all available information about the basin in order to present a thorough understanding of the basins situation and define its needs. Whilst the second will particularly target the involvement of the stakeholders, building bridges among the numerous entities that relate to resources management. The third strategy would rely on the previous two to introduce and integrate the environmental flow concept within the management plans of the entire basin.

Essentially, the project will increase Jordan’s Progress in implementing Integrated Water Resources Management, Water-Food-Energy- Nexus approach and the climate change agendas. Moreover, it will support better decision-taking entities in the long term targets of water availability and climate change adaptation.