Tackling the loss of wetlands

A new theory of change

Wetlands 4 Mediterranean resilience will equip civil society organisations with the necessary knowledge, skills and tools to provide better water resource planning and management. We also aim to inspire and support individual citizens, the private sector and governments to act through four interlinked action tracks:

Alliance building
Knowledge building, innovation & learning
Policy advocacy & learning
Finance & investment

Wetlands need to be seen as a key part of developing societal resilience to climate change and sustainable development. Policy, planning and investments need to make wetlands integral to landscape scale development and restoration goals. Without healthy landscapes with functioning wetlands, reaching climate action and sustainable development goals won’t be possible in the Mediterranean.

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By 2030 Wetlands 4 Mediterranean resilience will have safeguarded and restored vital wetlands across the Mediterranean, enhancing the resilience of cities and it’s citizens to climate and water security risks.


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With MAVA Foundation closing its doors in 2022, the partners of “Wetlands 4 Mediterranean resilience” aim to guarantee that the legacy of the Foundation remains alive. This will be possible thanks to a refreshed mission that will enable civil society, governments and private sector to mobilise resources to deliver and implement scalable landscape models in the region, and thereby improving the resilience of Mediterranean communities and benefiting biodiversity.